What Is The Best Drone For Aerial Photography? The DJI PHANTOM AERIAL UAV DRONE

One regular question on online photography forums is; what is the best drone for aerial photography? When it comes to buying photography drones, you need to consider several factors. For instance, when choosing a camera drone, look for features such as portability, intelligent features, and flight safety and transmission systems. Bear in mind that photography drones enable us to captured aerial photos that in the past could only be taken by full-sized planes or helicopters. Nowadays, more photographers are buying drones to assist them in aerial photography. In this informative article, we’ll review the best drone for aerial photography and features to consider when purchasing drones for video shooting.

What Is the Best Drone for Aerial Photography: The DJI PHANTOM AERIAL UAV (DRONE QUADCOPTER) FOR GOPRO

The best drone for carrying out aerial photography is the DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone. It acts as an airborne device for a Go Pro (HERO action) camera. It’s an excellent device for photographers and videographers who want to enjoy a range of shooting options. This review looks at the features of this drone and their benefits.

DJI Phantom 4 (Version UE) - Drone Quadricoptère avec Caméra - Offre 30-Min de Vol - Caméra 4K - Photos & Vidéos HD - Design Élégant - 5 Capteurs Optiques - Radiocommande avec Support Mobile

  • Auto takeoff and auto return home with GPS technology, makes controlling easy. App enables monitoring/camera operation easy
  • Capture 4K ultra HD video at 30 fps, supported resolutions include: 12.0MP (4000 x 3000) photos. The f/2.8 lens with a broad field of view delivers crisp, clear images
  • Gimbal stabilization technology, along with a hover function allows you to capture smooth, clean footage while the camera is in the air
  • Use DJI director software with a built-in video editor to add music, text, and more to your videos, Please Note: Kindly refer the User Manual before use.
  • In the Box: Aircraft Body ×1, Remote Controller ×1, Propeller Pairs ×4, Intelligent Flight, Battery ×1, Battery Charger ×1, Power Cable ×1, Manuals, Gimbal Clamp ×1, USB OTG Cable ×1, Micro USB Cable ×1, Micro SD Card ×1(16GB), Carrying Case ×1
DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

List Price: $ 1,199.00 Price: $ 1,899.99


The DJI Phantom Aerial drone ensures that you capture your aerial photography perfectly. The reason is that it enables you to capture dramatic scenes from the air, which other models may fail to offer you. However, bear in mind that Wi-Fi streaming from the camera may not be possible, the reason being that it may disrupt the functions of the Phantom’s remote control.

22 Miles/Hour (10 Meters/Second) Speed

Another reason that makes the DJI Phantom the perfect drone for your aerial photography is that it provides you with a horizontal speed (maximum) of 22 miles/hour. It means that you can capture aerial photos of any scene, event or sport. By choosing to buy this drone, what you’ll be getting is the best value for your money.

Advanced GPS Positioning

Aerial photography is in most instances done in the outdoors, which means that you need a device that can offer you the best images, regardless of light winds. The Phantom comes with an advanced GPS positioning that acts as compensation for the light wind.

Its fail-safe feature can be configured to fly automatically to and land at its original take-off position, that’s if it loses its connection to the transmitter. Keep in mind that operation or indoor flight by persons under 18 years of age isn’t recommended.

Easy To Assemble

The DJI Phantom is a complete drone and remote transmitter which is pre-tuned by the factory. You only need to charge its battery, connect the propellers and landing gear, and attach the 4 AA batteries to your remote. These simple steps will enable you to fly your drone.


The Phantom has an advanced autopilot system that enables you to configure new drone parameters through software. However, you need a USB port and separate download to enjoy this feature.


The DJI Phantom Aerial drone enables you to capture the best scenes as you carry out aerial photography.

It’s easy to assemble, which means that you’ll enjoy using your drone within no time.

The GPS positioning ensures that you enjoy aerial video shooting while in the outdoors, which means that if you are covering events, scenes or sports, you should consider buying this drone.

What Is The Best Drone For Aerial Photography? 5 Features to Consider

Stable Hovering

When carrying our aerial photography, you need to produce quality videos. It means that you should purchase a drone that has stable hovering. It ensures that you take quality aerial photos. Remember that if the drone can’t hover, it will keep falling, drifting and rising, the result being blurry videos. Drones that offer you stable hovering have onboard sensors and an advanced flight control system. The best way to buy a steady model is to read online reviews of photography drones, which ensures you buy the best ones.

Image Quality

The sensors of any camera affect the image quality, which is the same case when it comes to photography drones. It means that you should choose a photography drone with the best sensor size. The primary fact to remember is what time you’ll be carrying out your shooting, for example, during the day or night.

Flight Time

Most aerial photography drones can’t fly for more than 30 minutes. Those that can do over 20 minutes are the high-end ones. One tip when choosing a camera drone is to consider those that can operate for over 20 minutes, which ensures that you shoot aerial videos for longer. Another thing to consider doing is buying at least two extra batteries, which will enable you to photograph for longer.

Choose Popular Drones

Purchasing popular photography drone models ensures that you get fast answers to your questions. For instance, the many drone forums online and in social media forums will provide you with solutions if your drone model is well known. You should also consider buying the many drone accessories that make your aerial photography easier.

Select a Drone with Intelligent Functions

One thing that you should remember is that the best photography drones cost more. They come with the best flight control system and produce excellent image quality. Another benefit that high-end models offer you is intelligent functions that support aerial shooting. These drones can fly along waypoints and automatically track you. If you intend to produce quality videos, you should ensure you plan your budget estimates well, which will make sure you choose the best models.


The DJI Phantom Aerial drone is the best drone for aerial Videography. It comes with several features, for example, the advanced GPS positioning and a fast shooting speed. The result is that you will enjoy outdoor aerial shooting options such as sports events, events, and scenes.

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