What Happens When A Drone Gets Out Of Range

The popularity of drones continues to skyrocket with each dawn, and that does not come as a surprise as they carry myriads of benefits with them.

For instance, they make it easy to capture and store priceless memories in high definition photos and videos. They have completely revolutionized the world of filming and music production as they come with new and better technology which makes it possible to capture music and movie videos at an elevation of more than three hundred feet while at the same time focusing on a specific point. Nonetheless, it is not always sunshine and rainbow because just like any other human-made gadget, they sometimes tend to have a mind of their own and tend to fly out of range. They go crazy and decide, you know what let me take a stroll on my own, and there is no one who likes it because you probably bought it at a high price. If you have never experienced that, then don’t panic because it is a manageable situation. Below we have explained what happens when a drone gets out of range.

What causes a drone to fly out of range?

Before we can get to what happens when a drone gets out of range it is important to know what actually causes it to fly away. In some cases, the owners are to blame. For instance, some drone flyers tend to exceed the range in which the air dog is supposed to reach as they test out its return to home capabilities. While in other situations, unfriendly weather conditions such as wind or high precipitation caused it to lose the signal to your phone or the transmitter itself and thus causing it to fly away. Lastly, flying your drone far away from you is also another cause as it will also contribute to weakening the signal. However, in all these cases, the culprit is a stronger signal which interferes with your transmitter’s connection and causes the air dog to move in one direction which is away from the pilot.

Other causes of a fly away;

  • Misconfigured flight controller
  • Design error
  • Hardware failure

Now that you know the root of the problem read on to know what happens when a drone out of range.

Check out this video on the mavic pro! She flyes far!

What happens when a drone flies out of range?

When it flies away, chances are it will either crash on something, if you live near a water body, it may end up taking a swim, or if your lucky stars are on your side, it will fall on an open field. If it crashes on something or an open field, you can use the GPS tracker on your drone to find it. Also turn on the loud buzzer that is mostly on the flight controller and try to follow the direction of the sound. Lastly, you can solve the problem of having to look for it by putting a sticker of your phone number or email so that anyone who comes across it can contact you. Nevertheless, if you happen to find it crashed put all the pieces together and then call the manufacturer so he/she can advise you on the way forward. That is why it is important that you ensure you check for warranty while buying a drone so as to get help in such a scenario not to mention the GPS tracker as it makes things much easier when you have a flyaway problem.

How to prevent a fly away

The best way to solve a problem is by preventing it from happening and as a person who loves their drone and who does not want to keep running back to the manufacturer thanks to fly aways the best thing is to find preventive measures. Luckily we got you. Below are a few tips to help you prevent your drone from going out of range.

  • Make sure you set a home point on which the drone can return to in case of any signal interference. Do this before you fly
  • Although setting a home point is efficient in getting your drone back it is not enough. Always ensure that nothing interferes with the compass of your drone by constantly checking it out
  • Lastly, make sure that your drone is always within your sight and that it does not exceed the set range.

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