FT 210 Quadcopter – BUILD

TJ and Stefan step through the complete build of the FT 210 Quadcopter kit, including electronics and setup in Betaflight. FT 210 Quadcopter Kit available here: http://store.flitetest.com/ft-210-frame/

E-Pack Power Packs:

More details and a full writeup on this build in the article:



See more of TJ’s flying videos on his channel T-Bone FPV

The FT 210 is designed to be very durable. The bottom frame is comprised of one solid piece of 4mm carbon fiber! This allows for the pilot, whether your a beginner or an expert, to feel at ease knowing their quad is going to pretty much withstand anything! Not only is this frame DURABLE, but it is also designed for the beginner or intermediate racer in mind!
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20 thoughts on “FT 210 Quadcopter – BUILD”

  1. great video! lots of learning and practical tips! quick question: why do you have two cameras on the drone. Ive seen many fpv pilots put an extra goPro. why is that? the VTx is only for the small orange camera right? so the goPro is just to capture extra footage but for fpv you use the built in cam? (PS: im new to fpv) cheers!

  2. you gays are dam good solders
    but I'm better than all of you in total tykkää jos oot suomalainen tai osaat puhua suomea saatasko 20tykkäystä tälle kommentille

  3. A little trick I like to use when soldering wires to wires is to offset the soldered joints that way should the heat shrink get punctured there is less of a chance to get a short circuit.


  4. I get that the electrical tape over the ESCs gives protection but now you lost cooling. Linear ESCs at higher amps get warm. Has this been a problem?

  5. Another option instead of using helpings hands is using playdough or artist's clay. even food dough works, just make sure you clean it out afterwards

  6. Tip: Use a dab of finger nail polish on the motor screw head. Locks the screw down, no vibration will shake it loose. Also, easy to crack loose for service work.

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