Drone Review – Best Cheap Quadcopter To Carry GoPro

Bugs3 Specs and Pricing: https://goo.gl/H0Bem5

Review of Bugs 3 from MJX RC. This cheap, brushless motor quadcopter is great for carrying your action camera (GoPro or similar) to take amazing video shots! This drone is also very agile and fun to fly without the camera. It retails for around 0 US dollars.

If you want a GoPro knock off that works well on this camera, check out the FuriBee Q6 WiFi 4K Ultra HD Action Sport Camera.
Gearbest sells it at this link for US Dollars: https://goo.gl/W06Ap9

The camera I use in my videos is the Panasonic Lumix Z300.
Check it out here. http://amzn.to/2ip0ptE
It shoots 4K, has an external microphone jack, and with a flip around screen, it’s perfect for Youtube videos!

For all things drone: http://www.readysetdrone.com
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20 thoughts on “Drone Review – Best Cheap Quadcopter To Carry GoPro”

  1. I have a question related to this drone. What would happen if it runs out of battery during flight, will it simply fall?

  2. I am a beginner. I have modified the bugs3 for FPV. I have used a VTX03 transmitter that allowed me to use either the 1000TVL minicam or an action cam through the FPV googles. I just swap the VTX03 cable between the 1000TVL or Gitup GIT2 that can record 1080P 60FPS with gyro for smooth high quality recordings. I also kept the LED lights for line of sight flying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iOt4j2vW5w

  3. So I'm new to all this and thinking about the bugs 3 as my first drone. Does it matter that it doesn't have altitude hold or a return to home for a beginner? Basically I don't want to break it in 5 mins.

  4. I have a bait release but it weights 7.5oz. To heavy? Looking for a cheap alternative to the Phantom that can handle a 12oz payload.

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